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February 6, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions About Boilers
Frequently Asked Questions About Boilers
May 6, 2021

5 signs that indicate that you may need a replacement boiler.

Let’s start by saying that boilers need to be looked after. If you regularly (yearly) service it, you should get 10 to 15 years of good life from your installation.

However, gas boilers can breakdown or develop faults, even when serviced properly. Some of these problems are minor or can be rectified easily. Others can be life threatening.

Having said that, modern products are fitted with a lot of safety devices. These devices will usually make the boiler cut off or just refuse to work if there is a serious problem.

Here are 5 common signs that you may need a replacement boiler.

1.      Flame is no longer blue

If you can see a blue flame pilot light, then that’s fine. If you see a yellowish flame, then that could be a sign of carbon monoxide – that is dangerous.  Even low level carbon monoxide can result in you having dizziness, nausea, headaches and fatigue.

2.      Uneven heating around the house

Potentially caused by a few things. You may have a leak somewhere or a blockage. It could also be that a circulator pump has a problem. Needs investigating.

3.      Loud or Strange Noises Occurring Frequently

Your boiler system should be running quite happily in the background and not grumbling, knocking, hissing, thumping or banging.

Kettling is once such noisy problem. It’s a noise like a boiling kettle (hence the name). It could be caused by lime scale deposits built up from being in a “hard water” area.

Kettling can sometimes be fixed without having to replace the boiler. There are a number of potential solutions that your gas professional can recommend.

4.      Your heating bills are rapidly increasing (without a price rise!)

If it’s not directly related to a specific fault, this is a clear sign that your unit is getting past its “sell by date” and time to consider a replacement boiler.

5.      Your boiler is 15 to 20 years’ old

If your unit is getting on in years, then it’s likely to be way less efficient than the latest modern replacement boilers (which can reach up to 90% efficiency). Likely yours is well under 70% and dropping if it’s that old.

With utility prices as high as they are, having a highly efficient, safe boiler is hugely important to your quality of life & budget.

In summary

replacement boilerIf you are experiencing problems with your boiler, then don’t attempt to fix it yourself. Call in a certified & registered engineer to take a look at the issues and recommend a solution.

As a final reminder, if you have the signs of a carbon monoxide issue or a gas leak, don’t ignore it – you can call 0800 111 999 for free advice from the emergency line.