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How Much Does A New Boiler Cost?

Getting a new boiler system installed can be a costly affair, and if you don’t choose wisely the result can be notoriously expensive.

However, if you do it right, then not only will you save on the costs of replacing an old boiler, by fitting a modern ‘A’ rated system you will benefit from higher energy efficiency which in turn will drastically reduce operating costs, potentially saving you thousands of pounds over the life-time of your central heating & hot water usage.

As with any type of home improvement work of this nature there are a number of differing factors which can both save you money or conversely add to the overall cost – a few of which we have outlined below.

What affects boiler prices & installation costs?

Of all the factors that will impact on overall pricing, these are the 3 that we find are the most influential (and often the obvious are the most overlooked).

property sizeProperty Size

This will have a direct correlation to the price of the job. Bigger houses mean more rooms to heat, more radiators, more bathrooms, more pipes to run the water through. Thereby increasing the chances of heat loss, and usually means fitting a larger capacity boiler & water cylinders.

Even if you already have good infrastructure or pipework in place you’ll still be looking at bigger & more expensive boilers to fit.

Existing Boiler InfrastructureInfrastructure

Do you have pipework & radiators in place that are suitable for your new boiler? If so, it can reduce the replacement cost significantly. Even if the pipes need power flushing before running the new boiler, it’s going to be less expensive the getting all new.

If not, you will need a complete refit of all the plumbing, radiators and maybe even the thermostatic controls which is clearly going to bump up the final cost.

A Point to Note About Property Size:

You should also consider future expansion plans – if you going to add an extra room at some point then you it is well worth considering getting a system that can cope with the extra workload now rather than make changes later – this can also often be overlooked.

Boiler Prices From Gas Safe installers

All new & replacement boilers must be fitted by a “Gas Safe” registered company or engineers, do not consider any offer that comes from an unregistered installer – find out more about certification here: Gas Boiler Installer Certification


  • If you are not sure about which product suits you best you can take look at Boiler Types

Type of Boiler Product

It may seem an obvious point, but the choice of boiler is clearly going to have a direct impact on the final pricing. Even the fuel used to fire the boiler will change the costs.

For example, if you need to use an Oil or LPG system, external storage tanks are going to be required.

Boilers can sometimes be a simple choice between “combi” & “system” products. However, you may have a gravity fed central heating boiler that’s too difficult to swap to a high pressure version.

You will also get a variation in Manufacturer Brands, some will be “premium”, others “budget” priced.


As a typical buyer initially has limited knowledge or information readily to hand. So it’s possibly going to be a bit difficult to know what boiler even to begin with looking at.

This is where you need to take the advice & counselling of local boiler experts who know your area, the local fuel & water supply characteristics ,and have maybe even done work in a property similar to your own.

To get an exact price – get a written quote (or 3 or 4) from a properly qualified & Gas Safe registered professional.

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The average price of new or replacement boilers

check out our information cost guide below – this is for just the boilers & purely for your convenience & info only (we don’t buy or sell boilers!), the final price will depend upon your personal circumstances[gap]

BAXI24 kilowattfrom £600-800
VAILLANT24 kilowattfrom £600-800
WORCESTER BOSCH30 kilowattfrom £700-850
VAILLANT24 kilowattfrom £700-800
WORCESTER BOSCH44-55 kilowattfrom £1,500- 1.700
POTTERTON11-12 kilowattfrom £500-600

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Compare Costs For Central Heating & Hot Water Boiler Systems

In such a competitive market, it makes sense to compare the costs by getting a selection of quotes from independent installers.

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