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Combi Boilers

Instant hot water any time of day or night.
About combi boilers




An energy efficient, cost effective solution.
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How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

Boiler Grants

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what is the Cost of Installation for a replacement boiler?

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Hot Water System Design Types

What new or replacement boiler types are there to choose from?

Not knowing which system you should fit in your property is going to be confusing if you are trying to get the best deal. Luckily, in general, there are 2 main designs and just a few variations on those that need to be considered at outset.


Aimed at delivering instant hot water and to run the central heating. They are most effective when there is not a simultaneous demand from a lot of places and work best in small to medium households.


Better suited to larger households where demands on hot water & heating are high (lots of people using the water at the same time), the water is not instantly hot but you do get it for a long time continuously.

Boiler Grants – Can I get a Free Boiler?

HHCRO – The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation

Qualifying for a free boiler installation can be done via a UK Grant – quite often known as:

  • UK Government ECO Scheme (Energy Companies Obligation)
  • HHCRO – The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation
  • The Affordable Warmth Obligation

Before you get a grant for the costs, you need to apply for one and will be required to meet some criteria to qualify.

It is aimed at Gas installations and for those households who are in “Fuel Poverty” or claiming certain state benefits. – Read More about Boiler Grants

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